East Bay Cardiac Surgery Center’s physicians are Medicare-participating and accept assignment on your Medicare claims. Patients are responsible for the 20% coinsurance and any remaining deductible.

As a service to our patients, it is our policy to bill your primary and secondary insurance companies. If you are a member of an HMO, PPO, or POS plan you may be required to obtain a referral from your primary care physician before seeing a specialist. It is your responsibility to bring this referral form with you at the time of your office visit.

All necessary authorization for cardiac surgery will be obtained by this office based on the insurance information we are given. We ask that you always bring your most current insurance card(s) to the office at the time of your visit. Please ensure that our office staff has accurate information regarding your insurance. It is your responsibility to notify our billing department in the event there are any changes to your insurance coverage.

Any required office visit co-payments are collected at the time of service. For surgery charges, you will be billed for any co-payments, deductibles, or non-covered services after your insurance company has processed your claim. Patients who are medically uninsured or have limited medical coverage will be asked to contact our billing department to make satisfactory arrangements.

We will be glad to assist you with any billing or insurance questions. Please direct your questions to our Billing Department at (510) 465-6652.

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