New Consultation

Any new patients from out of the East Bay Cardiac Surgery Center area who wish to schedule a new appointment will need to send a faxed copy of their Cardiac Catheterization (angiogram) report and/or Echo report for heart valve surgery, prior to their appointment.


We make every effort to avoid prolonged waiting times. If your heart surgeon is called upon to care for a patient emergency in the hospital, this may result in a delay of your appointment. We ask for your patience and understanding when this occurs. In an effort to minimize waiting times, we request all office patients to confirm their appointments by calling us on the day of the appointment and recheck approximately one hour prior to the appointment.

If you are scheduled for cardiac surgery or thoracic surgery, our office will make all of the necessary arrangements for your hospital stay and admission. We will also ensure that all the required insurance procedures are completed. Should it be necessary for you to change your plans in regards to hospital admission, please contact our office and recheck approximately one hour prior to your appointment.

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